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Order Name SARS-CoV2
Test Number: 6907557
Revision Date 09/07/2021
Test Name Methodology LOINC Code
Nucleic Acid Detection 94500-6 
[6907265] First Test for COVID-19? (Y,N,U)
Prompt 95417-2 
[6907267] Employed in Healthcare? (Y,N,U)
Prompt 95418-0 
[6907269] Symptomatic? (Y,N,U)
Prompt 95419-8 
[6907271] If Symptomatic, Date of Onset:
Prompt 11368-8 
[6907273] Is the Patient Hospitalized? (Y,N,U)
Prompt 77974-4 
[6907287] Is the Patient in the ICU? (Y,N,U)
Prompt 95420-6 
[6907289] Does Patient Reside in Congregate/Group Care Setting? (Y,N,U)
Prompt 95421-4 
[6907290] Pregnancy status? (Y,N,U)
Prompt 82810-3 
[6907561] SARS-CoV-2 Source (NP, OP, MT, AN)
Prompt 31208-2 
Specimen Specimen Volume (min) Specimen Type Specimen Container Transport Environment
Preferred 1-3mL (0.8mL) See Instructions See Instructions See Instructions
  1. Specimen sites: Nasopharyngeal (NP), Oropharyngeal (OP), Deep Nasal/Mid-turbinate (MT) or Anterior Nares (AN) swab.
    If collecting MT or AN specimens , both nares should be generously sampled with a single swab and placed in a single tube to maximize virus particle collection. NP washes/aspirates and bronchial washings or bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) specimens collected with a minimal volume of sterile saline (2 mL or less) are also acceptable.
  2. Swab types: Any swab of appropriate size and configuration with a synthetic or rayon tip and plastic shaft can be used.
    Do NOT submit swabs with calcium alginate tips or swabs with wood shafts.
       (a) APTIMA Multitest Swab kit: OP, MT or AN site collections (swab too large for NP site)
        - Transport at room temperature or refrigerated; Do not freeze; Stability: 2-8'C up to 6 days.

      (b) All Other Swab types: Suitable for all specimen sites listed, depending on size of swab
        - Refrigerate specimens if they will be received in lab within 72 hours of collection.
           If there will be delayed transport, freeze specimen at -20'C.
  3. Media types: VTM, UTM, M6, or sterile saline or Aptima Multitest Swab kit media, (ESwab collection kits should no longer be used for specimen collection for the SARS COV2 PCR assay. The small volume of this collection device can cause technical issues with PCR and precludes any repeat or additional testing. Contact your RML representative for alternate collection devices.)
  4. Swabs must be placed in 1-3 mL of liquid media, broken or cut at the top of the tube, and tubes tightly capped. Specimen tubes should be labeled with two unique patient identifiers. Place the tube containing the swab in a biohazard bag and submit with paper requisition or place electronic order.
  5. Please keep specimen refrigerated until pick-up.
  6. Causes for rejection: Swabs with calcium alginate tips; swabs with wooden shafts; refrigerated samples greater than 72 hours old; room temperature swabs greater than 24 hours old; improperly labeled; grossly contaminated; broken or leaking tube; collection with substances inhibitory to PCR including heparin, hemoglobin, ethanol, EDTA concentrations >0.01M; unacceptable transport media.
  7. Couriers will transport to Regional Medical Core Laboratory. Call RML at 918-744-2232 to request specimen pickup if not routinely scheduled at your location.

NOTE: In the event of a supply shortage or an instrument breakdown, the TAT for results may be longer.
Testing Schedule Daily *(see notes section) 
Expected TAT 48-96 hours from receipt of specimen in lab.  
Clinical Use Detects the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). 
Notes Regional Medical Laboratory continues to be a valuable leader at the forefront of the Coronavirus pandemic, having conducted more than 131,000 SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests over the last 4 months to meet the COVID-19 testing needs of the communities we serve.
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CPT Code(s) CPT: 87635 or HCPCS: U0004 and or U0005
Lab Section Molecular Diagnostic