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Synovial Fluid Routine Exam

Order Name SYN COUNT
Test Number: 0814000
Revision Date 02/01/2024
Test Name Methodology LOINC Code
Visual 29605-3 
Visual 14664-7 
Crystals, Synovial Fluid
Microscopy 38458-6 
RBC Count
Microscopy 26458-0 
Visual 14950-0 
Specimen Specimen Volume (min) Specimen Type Specimen Container Transport Environment
Preferred 3 mL (1 mL) Sodium Heparin (Green Top / No-Gel)
Instructions This test is for Synovial/Joint Fluids.  Invert tube several times to mix well and deliver to laboratory immediately.
Specimen Volume: Preferred 3 mL, Minimum 1 mL,
NOTE: If shared specimen between other tests/departments within the lab 3 mL is required.
Collect 3mL of fluid in a Sodium Heparin (Green Top/ No-Gel) tube. Specimen stability is 24hrs Refrigerated.
 Mark Specimen DO NOT SPIN..!
?Reject criteria: Specimens received in syringes, urine cups, monovette tubes, red top tubes, gel-barrier tubes, EDTA tubes, or lithium heparin tubes; or specimens that are received frozen, clotted, or have exceeded stability
Testing Schedule Mon - Fri 
Expected TAT 1 Day  
Notes Result includes a manual differential.
CPT Code(s) 89051 (add 89060 if Crystal Exam is performed)
Lab Section Hematology